ANOA · P.O. Box 1010 Auburn, Alabama 36831-1010

Membership in ANOA

The Association has two classes of membership, Regular Members and Associate Members. Full membership information can be found in the bylaws. Membership dues are $30 per year and are due on the 1st of January. 

Regular Members

A regular member shall be any of the following persons:

Any active local, state, or county Peace Officer from the State of Alabama.

Sworn Special Agents of the United States whose primary job assignment is enforcement of criminal statutes of the United States Code.

Alabama Attorney General and criminal deputies.

District Attorney of Alabama counties and their criminal deputies.

City Attorneys of Alabama cities and their criminal deputies.

Administrators, Investigators, and youth and adult Correctional Agency Officers.

Director, Alabama Department of Corrections.

Wardens of Alabama and federal penal institutions located within the State of Alabama.

Members of the judiciary.

United States Attorney General, United States Attorneys, and criminal assistants.

Active members of the Armed Forces of the United States assigned to law enforcement or investigative activities within the state of Alabama.

Active members of the Alabama National Guard assigned to law enforcement or investigative activities for law enforcement.

Investigative analysts of public agencies or the armed forces of the United States whose principal assignment is to assist narcotics investigators in controlled substance violation investigations.

Federal or State Forensic Chemists.

Regular members have full voting powers on all issues and may hold any elected or appointed office.

Associate Member

An associate member shall be any of the following persons:

Any active local, state, or county Peace Officer from any other state.

Members of the Alabama Legislature.

Members of the United States Congress.

Instructors and technical staff of accredited colleges or universities engaged in teaching or research in criminal law, police administration, or other phases of criminal justice.

Persons employed by law enforcement agencies, i.e. clerks, secretaries, radio operators.

Persons by the nature of their business, occupation, or profession having contact with regular members of the Association in the performance of their duties.

Associate members may not vote on any issue and they may not hold any office, neither elected nor appointed. A regular member in good standing must sponsor an associate member. Associate members shall be subject to the provisions of these bylaws.